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Not just wall decor specialists!


Specialists in wall decoration and NOT only -

3D Wall Panels Italia takes wall decor and interior design to another level with delux, chic, elegant, 3D decorative materials.

An innovative and creative way to decorate and give a special touch to your space!

In collaboration with numerous designers and producers, we are now able to present a collection of a variety of different materials and designs, for you to choose from the one best suited to your personal style and needs.

All materials we use are of high quality and durable to time.

You can choose from our 15 collections:

Plant fiber panels, Leather panels, Wood panels, PVC panels, Plaster panels. Glass line, Stucture line, Acrylic line, Natural stone, Moss panels, MDF, Cork panels, Stack panel, Stonini and Eco-Leather line.

All products can be used to customize any room: bedroom, lounge, kitchen even your bathroom!

Perfect for renovations, wall decoration, furniture design and so much more. With a bit of imagination, creativity and some help from our experts team you have the possibility to create a unique enviroment or transform any space.

Ideal for all kind of enviroments, living and work spaces. Such as hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes etc.

If you need any advice about interior, decoration and design please do not hesitate to talk to one of our specialists.

We are here to help you create the space you have always dreamed of.

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