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Distinctive construction and decor panels.
There are three reasons why this product is called Good Plastic: it is high quality, it is recycled and recyclable, and it has the lowest ecological footprint possible.

Each environmentally friendly panel is made from a single type of plastic so it can be easily recycled, extending its use in the circular economy indefinitely.


CODE: 169

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Sustainability is a core value! Only 100% renewable energy is used for the production of these panels!


We craft our recycled plastic panels in our factories each day, striving for the highest quality. Our machinery remanufactures 70% of existing types of plastic by turning waste into beautiful decorative panels of varying sizes and thicknesses.


Each Good Plastic pattern is made from just one type of plastic, so they are 100% recyclable as well as being made from 100% recycled material. The standard collection is always ready to order in sizes of 1000x1000mm and in standard thicknesses from 10 to 30mm, with thinner and thicker sizes potentially available by special order. The dominant colours of the standard collection reflect some of Pantone’s current trend colours to ensure that your designs are as stylish as they are modern. 

Bespoke patterns can be created upon request.

You can have a look of a few customized patterns we already developed in the gallery bellow.

Waterproof and rot-proof. Chemical resistant.

The material can be machined, drilled, cut (by CNC, woodworking sawblades, router and waterjet), sanded, heat formed, glued, and fixed with screws as well as adhesives.

the good plastic